Sex themed rooms. 10 Naughty Hotels That Aren't Afraid of a Little Nudity, and More....

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Sex themed rooms

But the Z doesn't stop there. These windows are notorious for showcasing some nudie activities, startling many locals and tourists ambling along the High Line below.

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The headboards of the bed are carved in such a way that it reflects pants peeling off and drag-down shades capture boudoir-themed pictures of garter belts and panty-hosed legs. It recently underwent a major renovation that brings a sexy elegance to the hotel, but it still retains its party-hard mentality. Exclusivepix Media Hollander wanted the pictures to lift the veil on fantasies and desires by photographing a variety of women in a selection of the rooms Exclusivepix Media The Egyptian quarters is just one of many country themed room, alongside Indian, English and Chinese recreations Exclusivepix Media 12 Each lady photographed wore an outfit chosen by them, to reflect the differences in people's desires The hotel, which opened it's doors in , also offers a decoration service for couples celebrating special occasions.

Sex themed rooms

But the Z doesn't stop there. These windows are notorious for showcasing some nudie activities, startling many locals and tourists ambling along the High Line below.

Sex themed rooms

Sex themed rooms

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  1. While relaxing on a beach somewhere may be all some couples need to reconnect, others look for a little something extra to spice up their vacation. Now Watch:

  2. But the naughtiest feature is hidden in the nightstand: Hotel Max is everything that you and your partner need to enjoy one special and sensual night, amidst your erotic imaginations. We searched for some of the naughtiest, most NSFW guest rooms and found some real, er, winners at the following nine hotels.

  3. The infamous sex hotspot is the largest themed hotel in Latin America, with uniquely decorated rooms for whatever tickles your fancy. But all these options are sure to make your vacation an amorous one! Additional concept suites include the Shag-a-Delic and Rendez-Vous.

  4. Now Watch: This Meatpacking hot spot features a popular gourmet restaurant, an outdoor biergarten that is bustling come spring, and an exclusive rooftop nightclub. Other sexy amenities include under-lit beds topped with luxe Frette linens, and a sleek black-and-white color scheme.

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