Sex by fetal heart rate. The Claim: Fetal Heart Rate Can Predict the Baby’s Sex.

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Baby Heart Rate and Gender Can It Predict the Sex of Your Baby

Sex by fetal heart rate

The inclusion criteria were: Sometimes the boy's heart rate was higher, sometimes the girl's heart rate was higher. To be surprised:

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Unlike the at-home urine tests, these do have a scientific basis for the results. Computerized numeric analysis of intrapartum fetal heart rate patterns will need to take into account the multiple factors that influence the fetal heart rate to identify precisely which patterns predict clinical outcome. Some things that can affect result accuracy include when the test is done too early in the pregnancy is less accurate , the quality of the blood sample, and detecting possible undiagnosed genetic conditions of the mother.

Sex by fetal heart rate

The inclusion criteria were: Sometimes the boy's heart rate was higher, sometimes the girl's heart rate was higher. To be surprised:

Sex by fetal heart rate

Sex by fetal heart rate

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  1. So why not have a little fun just to break the monotony and see if you can both take a punt of whether you are having a boy or a girl? Here are some reasons why parents may wait to learn the sex:

  2. Sometimes referred to as gender disappointment, many parents who are upset by the sex of their child keep their heartbreak quiet.

  3. However, the test is rarely done for the sole purpose of predicting sex because of the medical risks of the procedure. Typically completed between 18 weeks and 22 weeks of pregnancy, this routine ultrasound is intended as a screening method. The study did find a relationship between the baby's heart rate and gestational age weeks of pregnancy.

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