Why should you join our chapter?


Anyone familiar with our area knows that it can be a somewhat lonely place for those that share NOW’s progressive vision for a future rooted in true equality.  Our chapter is proud to offer an opportunity for local equality advocates to enjoy being a part of a productive, progressive community right here amongst the beautiful rural landscape we call home.  Over the past year especially, a number of groups have originated that seek to address social justice and political issues, but few are as locally active and focused as Sussex County NOW.  Fewer still are non-partisan, however our chapter gladly welcomes everyone in and around Sussex County–regardless of party affiliation–to join us in celebrating, supporting, and advocating for the most marginalized among us.

What will you get as a NOW member?


Enjoying the company of other local progressives is just the beginning.  The true value of NOW membership is in moving beyond stimulating conversation and standing in solidarity with your neighbors while taking local action.  We’re very proud of what we accomplished together in our first year and in 2018 we’re looking forward to doing even more.  We’ll be sharing even more calls to action and informational updates related to our core issues, and creating even more chances for members to collaborate both remotely and in person.  Through the information we’ll share and the actions we’ll plan together, all of our members will gain access to numerous opportunities to utilize their unique gifts in service to our community, and to develop new skills as we rise to meet whatever challenges need to be locally addressed–together.  Click HERE to read more about what our Chapter President, Lindsay Campbell, hopes to accomplish with you on our team in 2018.

Where do you sign up?


The fastest, easiest way to sign up as a member of our chapter is online through NOW National’s website.  To join our chapter, you’ll just need to make sure you select “NJ0400 – Sussex County NOW” in the ‘Affiliate with a Chapter’ field.  If you would prefer not to sign up online or would like more information on the sliding scale available for dues, you can sign up in person at our next meeting or event, or contact us directly for further assistance.  We can’t wait to meet you!

What comes next?


All new members will be added to our e-mail list and members-only e-mail forum as soon as we receive confirmation of their enrollment in our chapter.  We usually receive notification of new memberships from NOW National at least once a month.  If you’d rather not wait though, please forward confirmation of your online enrollment to after you’ve completed the online signup process and we’ll make sure that you’re added to our contact lists as soon as possible.  We’ll e-mail you to confirm once we’ve received your information, and provide you with the password you’ll need to access the members-only section of our site.  In the meantime, everyone is welcome to keep up with our work via our Facebook page (@SussexCountyNOW)!