On June 23rd at noon, the Sussex County chapter of the National Organization for Women will be hosting a pride rally on the Newton Green!  This event will have music and speakers from progressive, pro-LGBTQ+ organizations that will best represent our community and NOW’s message.

As we enter Pride month, I want to discuss the history of Pride, and what we are up against today.

Pride is a commemoration of the gay liberation movement that started on June 28th, 1969 when Marsha P. Johnson, a transgender woman of color, threw a shot glass at the wall when police showed up to the Stonewall Inn for a raid. That shot glass was heard around the world as the riots near Stonewall lasted six days. LGBTQ+ people of all colors and identities rallied together to protest unfair treatment by authorities, and fight against the stigmas they faced as non-conforming members of American society.

Though today Pride is a bit of a party, we must remember where Pride came from. The first pride was not only a riot, it was a protest. Today, Pride still is a protest. It protests gender norms, it protests heteronormativity. It protests hatred toward the gay community. But it is also a celebration of that very community. Pride celebrates nonconformity and love all in one.

As a gay woman, Pride to me is a time of love and acceptance. All different communities coming together to celebrate the achievements of Johnson and other LGBTQ+ activists like Harvey Milk and Sylvia Rivera. It celebrates LGBTQ+ culture, like drag and balls, and promotes acceptance of the differences of people.

While Pride is for LGBTQ+ people, it is important to remain inclusive of bisexual, pansexual, and transgender people who may appear to be in a straight relationship. Pride is for them too!  Also, remember not to interact with any protesters who disagree with what Pride is about: love and acceptance. Pride is a celebration, without party killers.

The National Organization for Women is committed to fighting against the prejudices LGBTQ+ community faces, and determined to advocate for acceptance and love. Please be sure to join us on the Green on the 23rd to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community!


In Solidarity,

Vice President of Sussex County NOW



Keep an eye on our event page for announcements of who will be joining us!


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