We’re less than a week away from the 2018 Women’s Marches, and if your social media feeds are anything like ours it’s getting a little crazy trying to keep tabs on all the latest updates!  To try and help you get a little clarity, we’ve compiled a “Cliff’s Notes” version of all the most current info we’ve been able to find here in one place.  This post will be updated if necessary throughout the week, but be sure to keep an eye on the social media feeds for each event as well.  Those are usually the best places to find the most current info available.


If you’ve never marched before or even if it’s just been a while, check out our guide to getting ready for a demonstration.  It includes some tips for what to bring, what not to bring, your rights during a demonstration, and more.

Sussex County NOW_Demonstration Prep v3

To download a copy of this presentation, please click HERE.

(PLEASE NOTE: As of this posting we are not aware of any counter-demonstrations being planned in response to the Women’s Marches in New York or New Jersey.  They are both anticipated to be safe, unifying and productive–just like last year!)


Rigid materials like wooden handles are prohibited at both the NY & NJ Women’s Marches.  Here’s a great way to add lightweight, safe handles to your protest sign that our Secretary Elaine Wexler taught us…


1/17, 7PM:  Hosted by Black Lives Matter Morristown at Church of God in Christ – 3 Rev. G.A Rogers Way, (Formerly 3 Rowe St, Morristown, NJ 07960) in the Fellowship Hall

1/18, 7PM:  Hosted by Action Together Morris County in Montville, NJ

1/19, 6PM:  Hosted by Wind of the Spirit in Morristown, NJ

 Or, to search our collection for a printable sign you can download, click HERE.




Saturday, January 20th – 11AM

Morristown Town Hall,  200 South Street, Morristown, NJ  07960

The march begins at the Morristown Town Hall, 200 South Street, at 11:00 a.m. After a welcome and send-off, we’ll head out to march the streets of Morristown, ending at the Morristown Green, where we’ll hear from a program of diversified and compelling speakers. The event will conclude about 1:00 p.m.

Chapter Meetup

Our Chapter President, Lindsay Campbell, is also a member of Black Lives Matter Morristown and will be marching with that group.  If you would like to join her, please meet us at 181 James Street, at the corner of James and South Street (pictured below) at or before 10:15AM.  Contact Lindsay at lcampbell@sussexcountynow.org with any questions, or message us through our Facebook page.

Security Info

The following summary is based on/comprised of information posted on the WMONJ Facebook event page…

(Last Updated 01.16.2018…)

UPDATE: Chief Demnitz and the Morristown Police Department understand all of our concerns and have weighed their desire to protect us as well as your desire for a comfortable, easy marching experience. They are actively encouraging participation in the march. The Morristown Police Department WILL PERMIT BOTTLED WATER, SEALED AT THE TIME OF ENTRY (for example, Poland Spring or any other brand of bottled purchased in a store) as well as purses and smaller size bags (clear, preferably). For clarification, strollers, diaper bags, and baby carriers are also permitted. PLEASE NOTE THERE WILL BE HEIGHTENED SECURITY AT ALL ENTRY POINTS AT BOTH VENUES AS WELL AS THE MARCH ROUTE. Any items presented at an entry point are subject to a search. Officers do reserve the right to restrict any item that may pose a danger. For example, if someone brings a large flag to the event and the flag is on a long wooden or metal pole, the participant will be asked to remove the flag from the pole and leave the pole at the checkpoint (but be more than welcome to bring the flag!). Chief Demnitz has asked [the organizers] to convey that he is very open to hearing your concerns and can be reached directly p-demnitz@morristownpolice.org. [The organizers] hope this answers some of your questions and that everyone has a positive, uplifting experience at the march, and will come knowing that they are well-protected!

Revised restriction list:

As per the request of the Morristown Police Department, here is an list of items that are NOT permitted at the WMONJ 2018:

-Any weapon or any item that could be utilized as a weapon
-Backpacks of any kind (purses and small bags, preferably clear ones, are permitted)
-Metal or glass containers
-Matches or lighters of any kind
-Masks of any kind or any item that can be fashioned into a mask
-Pets (unless ADA service animals)
-Chairs (unless for ADA needs)
-Bicycles, scooters, skateboards
-Tobacco products of any kind
-Laser pointers
-Water balloons
-Signs/poles made of anything but cloth, paper, foam, cardboard
-Any item of protective clothing including helmets and shields

*Water bottles ARE permitted. The Morristown PD requests that all bottles of water you bring be purchased at a store (such as Poland Spring) and BE SEALED AT THE TIME YOU ENTER THE VENUE.

Given that there is a chance of rain attendees are advised that no umbrellas will be allowed into secured areas and should plan accordingly.

*You will be asked to discard backpacks or items determined to be a potential risk on site or you will not be permitted to enter. Please only bring what you absolutely need for the two hour duration.

Any person attempting to enter secured areas may be subject to search by law enforcement authorities.

PLEASE NOTE: South Street will be closed off beginning at Hamilton Road down to the Green. Please adjust travel plans accordingly.  DO NOT PARK in the King’s supermarket parking lot across the street from Town Hall. King’s will be open for business and access to the lot strictly regulated.

This is a peaceful march/rally. All attendees must understand that your actions can affect the safety of your fellow attendees. [The organizers] urge all attendees to respect and take care of yourself and those around you. Anyone that acts in such a way that causes harm to another human being, breaks the law, and/or is disruptive to the peaceful events taking place will be removed immediately by law enforcement. Any damage done to public or private property in the town of Morristown will result in a participant’s prompt removal. All legal fees and other costs associated with any charges stemming from a participant’s actions and/or participation in the march are the sole responsibility of the participant. All marchers/attendees participate at her/his own risk.

**By participating in the Women’s March on New Jersey 2018, you agree that the Women’s March on New Jersey, its organizers, staff, hosts, supporters and sponsors are not responsible for any and all claims for personal injury, property damage, or death that may result from your participation in the March.

Transportation Info

Rally Bus   //   Morristown Parking Info   //   Morristown Parking Map   //   Carpooling Options   //   Public Transportation

Additional info from the Transportation posting on the Facebook event page…

[The organizers] are expecting thousands of passionate and determined women and allies to descend upon Morristown on January 20th. Although Morristown is a location that offers multiple parking options, public transportation can eliminate a lot of your hassle. Did you know the train station is an eight minute walk to the Green and a twelve minute walk to Morristown Town Hall?

*Please note that there may be a fee for parking in lots or garages. Parking fees will NOT be suspended. Be sure to check your location upon arrival for fee information, so you are not ticketed.

The Women’s March on NJ 2018 is continuing to work with local authorities to open up more parking options.  [They] will share those with you as they become available.

As the event nears, [they]’ll let you know if there’s a specific area you should head to for handicapped parking areas.  Officials will be on site that day to direct you to available handicapped parking.

If you are traveling by private bus, whether through a crowd sharing bus company, such as Rally, or through a bus you charter on your own, ALL BUSES WILL BE DROPPING OFF PARTICIPANTS AT THE BACK OF TOWN HALL, OFF OF FRANKLIN STREET. Buses will then be directed by officials to a parking area near the Green for pick up.  Please advise your drivers of this.  [The organizers] want to make getting to and leaving the March as smooth as possible for all bus riders!

MOST IMPORTANTLY, no matter how you’re getting there, PLEASE PLAN TO ARRIVE AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE. Large crowds are expected, which can cause delays no matter how much planning and preparation occurs. Give yourself plenty of time to arrive and reach our first rallying point at Morristown Town Hall, located at 200 South Street. Our event will begin promptly at 11 a.m.  And, above all, travel safely!




In the spirit of our March, the organizers want to be sure our event is as inclusive as possible. There are designated handicap parking areas, handicap accessible portable toilets, sign language interpreters, chairs reserved for those who need them, volunteer accommodation assistants the day of the event, and a march route accessible to all.

Handicapped accessible portable toilets will be located at both the Town Hall and Morristown Green venues.

Handicapped parking will be available in the parking lot behind Town Hall, off of Franklin Street. Handicapped parking permits/tags must be visible in order to access this parking. Accessible parking will also be available near the Green location. More details will follow.

Our march route is flat and straight. It has also been checked for curb cuts to make sure it is easy to access.

A team of volunteers will be dedicated to specifically assist those who may need it. Our volunteers will be wearing bright yellow pinnies and March buttons. If you need help, please ask one of our team members.

For visually impaired March participants, we have implemented a VIDEO DESCRIPTION SERVICE.

During the march, participants can dial into (319) 527-3082 where they will hear a live announcer discussing the sights of the Women’s March event.

The description line will be open at 11 a.m. and will run throughout the event with breaks. This service is reserved for our visually impaired participants. [The organizers] hope this will assist them in having a more well-rounded March experience.

Other Key Info

Nearest Hospital:   Morristown Medical Center  –  100 Madison Avenue, Morristown, NJ 07960  –  973-971-5000

Nearest Police Station:   200 South Street, Morristown, NJ 07960  –  973-538-2200

(Same Municipal Building where the March is starting.)



Saturday, January 20th – 11AM

73rd Street Central Park, New York, New York 10021

The main entrance point will be between at 72nd & Central Park West. The rally (starting at 11:30EST) will be at Central Park West & 61st/62nd street. The full block in front of the stage (61st to 62nd on Central Park West) will be reserved for those with disabilities. The march (starting around 12:30EST) will go past Columbus Circle, East on 59th Street, and South on 6th Avenue with exits at 45th/44th/43rd streets.  See FAQ for more details.

Chapter Meetup

Multiple members of our chapter will be attending with the Action Together Sussex County group.  Please contact Action Together Sussex County via their Facebook group page for more info on where to meet up with them.


Marchers should plan to line up along Central Park West between 62nd & 82nd street. Our route will run along Central Park West with the rally beginning on 61st Street and Central Park West. After the rally, we will march south toward Bryant Park. We will march south around Columbus Circle, East on 59th Street then South on 6th Avenue. The march will have 3 exits along 45th, 44th, and 43rd. Our information agent volunteers will be onsite to advise of the multiple after march events we will be promoting!

Security Info

The following summary is based on information posted on the WMONYC event FAQ page

The below materials are prohibited by the NYPD as they can become weapons:

  • Wooden poles, sticks, or handles (yes, even flagpoles are prohibited)
  • Metal wires or handles

Bring mini-flags at your own risk. Be advised that the NYPD may confiscate.

Signs made with prohibited materials will be confiscated as they threaten the safety of other marchers.

This is a peaceful march. If you riot in a manner that causes damage to city or private property, harm another human being, break the law, or willfully disrupt an otherwise peaceful march, no legal or financial assistance will be provided. You are on your own.

You march at your own risk. The NYPD is one of the best mobilized and well trained law enforcement institutions in this country. They will keep you and the City safe. If a serious terrorist threat is received, the NYPD will notify [the organizers] and [they] will cancel the event.

[The organizers] will have safety volunteers along the route to assist.

Equality is truly for all. Please keep in mind that you may be marching next to a group whose beliefs conflict with yours.  Allow yourself to be generous in spirit and see human first.

Available Services

Information Agents will be standing on every corner to help direct you.

Psych Resources Team (PRT):

Events like this are often stressful for many reasons. PRT members (all trained therapists) will be available to anyone in need throughout this event.

Medical Team:

We will have a team of nurses on hand for minor injuries. A map showing the march route and locations of our medical team will be published in January.

For emergencies, contact 911.

Transportation Info

Rally Bus   //   Public Transportation

General Parking:

Street parking will only be reserved for buses. Cars should plan to utilize general street parking and parking lots. [The organizers] recommend taking public transportation into the City if possible.  Click HERE for City Parking Rules.


To prevent ticketing and towing, all buses will need to post a bus parking pass in their front window.  [The organizers] will distribute these signs the week prior to the march.  NOTE: For safety, [the organizers] will only provide bus parking passes to registered groups!

Bus Drop Off, Pick-up & Parking Locations:

TBD by NYPD in January

Getting to NYC:

[The organizers] recommend using Skedaddle to get to marches. If you’re unfamiliar, ​Skedaddle is a transportation technology company, they allow riders to start or join custom bus routes to any march in North America. You can start a route ​here​, or view existing routes ​here​. Any questions? Drop them a note at ​hello@letskedaddle.com


All people with disabilities are welcome to meet and march at the front of the march at  Central Park West & 61st/62nd street. There will volunteers at the front of the march to provide assistance and you are welcome to bring a friend with you.

[The organizers] will offer the following services:

  • The block directly in front of the stage (61st to 62nd street on Central Park West) will be reserved for accessibilities
  • American Sign Language Interpreters will be at the rally point and at each medical sight. Medical sights are located along Central Park West and 61st, 64th and 72nds streets and at 45th street and 6th avenue).
  • Seating will be available at the rally. [The organizers] have made every effort in our budget to provide an adequate volume of chairs for those who need to sit. Due to the volume of marchers, these chairs will be first come first served.
  • [The organizers] will have volunteers to assist with wheelchair users near the rally stage
  • Medical tents will be near the stage on 61st.
Other Key Info

Nearest Hospital:  Mount Sinai West – 1000 10th Avenue, New York, NY 10019 – (212) 523-4000

Nearest Police Station:  306 W 54th St, New York, NY 10019 – (212) 767-8400




(DISCLAIMER: Please note that Sussex County NOW is not an official organizer of any 2018 Women’s March, and the information we’ve compiled here for your convenience was all collected from the official websites and Facebook event pages for these demonstrations.  Sussex County NOW, its leadership, and its members are not responsible for any and all claims for personal injury, property damage, or death that may result from your participation in the Women’s Marches or any other demonstrations.)


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