Our 2018 annual meeting is going to be held on Tuesday, January 9th at 6:30PM at the Louise Childs Branch of the Sussex County Library in Stanhope.  At that meeting, we’ll be electing our board members and setting our agenda for the year ahead.  Here’s a brief overview of some of the things that I hope we can achieve together in 2018…


Over the past year I’ve met some truly incredible local young people and I know many of them are interested in becoming more active.  Rather than having to start a brand new organization from scratch, I’d like to support their desire to organize by creating a Young Activists Task Force as an extension of our chapter.  I’d also like to host an educational event focused on teaching our young friends and neighbors how best to research the issues they care about most and take action to effect change in those areas.  Technology has democratized access to information like never before, and as a result young people are becoming informed and engaged earlier than ever.  It would be a pleasure and a privilege to do whatever we can to help them make their voices heard early and often.  We are also still working on raising the funds necessary in order to establish a scholarship program.


The Newton Green holds a very special place in the history of our community as a place to make local voices heard, and our chapter spent a great deal of time there in 2017 doing just that.  We’ve been honored to hear from some of the most marginalized among us that seeing the demonstrations on the Green has made them feel more hopeful and welcomed within our traditionally conservative area, and we look forward to continuing to show support there.  Going forward however, I’d also like to work together as a chapter to organize a wider array of demonstrations in various locations and spread our advocacy for equality throughout even more of our area.


There are more groups than ever working diligently to keep activists informed regarding national legislation that keeps true equality out of reach, but local information is harder to find.  Through increased engagement in 2018, it’s my hope that our chapter can become a powerful, convenient source of alerts and information regarding local legislation related to our core issues.  With enough passionate members keeping tabs on their communities and reporting back, we can more effectively focus our collective energy on the town, county, and district-level issues that tend to slip by under the radar all too often.


Hopefully this new site will be a good first step towards even more frequent communication amongst our members, and becoming a trusted source for a variety of locally relevant information.  I look forward to building a helpful collection of resources that anyone in our area can benefit from in the new Local Links section of our site as well as our blog.


There are so many wonderful opportunities to learn and grow through the work we do in NOW and most of all, I look forward to sharing those opportunities with as many people as possible.  I’m very excited to see everyone at our annual meeting and hear more about all of your ideas for what we can do together in 2018!

In Solidarity,

Lindsay Campbell

President of Sussex County NOW


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